Security you can trust

Security is part of our process
Expiration Reminder is hosted on a secured cloud infrastructure with backups done several times during the day and that's trusted by hundreds of customers.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

All data is backed up

All information in the account is backed up several times per day. These includes any file attachments that are added to expirations. After the back is done, then is encrypted to keep your data safe.

Strong encryption including backups

All data is safely encrypted when at rest or for backups. All data also belongs to your and we want to keep it that way. Nothing of it is shared with anyone except you or your team.

Secure login

Expiration Reminder supports multiple industry standard logins that will keep your data safe. You can setup Two-Factor Authentication or add any of the out of the box providers for Single Sign-On (SSO) including Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin or any SAML provider.

Encrypted network transmission

Any transmission of information between your computer and our severs is also encrypted using SSL technology and keep your data safe.

Comprehensive audit logs

All actions in Expiration Reminder are recorded in the audit log. From logins, record updates, notifications, etc. The audit log can be filtered by user, dates or type of audit entry. Have a trace of who did what.

Be part of over 10,000 people

Immediate access. No credit card required.