Import and Export

Easily import or export data
It's very easy to import your current spreadsheets into Expiration Reminder. The system will validate the information and upload it preventing any duplicates. It'll also automatically create any missing information saving you time when setting up an account. All data can also be exported at any time also in a spreadsheet format.

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Drag and drop spreadsheets

Take your current spreadsheets and import them into Expiration Reminder. Map the spreadsheet columns into fields in Expiration Reminder and the system will take care of the rest. If there are any errors it'll notify you. It'll also avoid duplicates for contacts.

Import expirations and contacts

Import contacts, locations and current expiration dates from spreadsheets or CSV files. Importing contacts will allow you to automatically assign reminders to them for upcoming expiration dates. If you frequently need to add a lot of data, use the import feature to save time.

Export any data

Export all your expiration data that includes all custom fields and dates and any time. Reports and searches also include an option to export to a spreadsheet so you can build extra filters or charts.

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