Multiple departments on the same account
Everybody wants to be on the Expiration Reminder train? No problem. Have each department or team within the same company manage their own data within the same Expiration Reminder without having visibility from other teams. Each one will work within their own workspace.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Separate data

Each workspace has their own set of data. Expirations, contacts, categories, email templates, escalation rules, contact types and locations are all separate within the workspace. Have multiple departments, branches, teams or just different set of information within the same account. No more messy data.

Individual workspace dashboard

Each workspace has their own individual dashboard with their own stats so you really know what's going on independently. Each stat will be attached to that workspace. Have a real sense of what's going on per workspace.

Switch between workspaces

Although only available to account admins, you can easily switch between workspaces to look for information or simply see the data for all workspaces together. Remember, only admins can do this.

Shared document types

Share categories between workspaces to avoid repeated information or just to align reports around the same categories. Makes it easier to setup things.

Permission driven

Users are added to their own workspaces and they can't see information from other workspaces. They work within their workspace and don't even know that other people are working in other workspaces. Users are able to focus on their own data.

Be part of over 10,000 people

Immediate access. No credit card required.