Mobile apps

Visualize what's expired right and take action in the spot
See what's expired or about expire, add notes, view attachments or even take pictures for new attachments from the palm of your hand. Staff can I also get in and see their own information and update the expiration date or add attachments and keep all the information up to date.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Everything in one place

All expirations with their status are available along with contact data and categories. Expirations include their attachments which content is visible from within the mobile app it self. Now users or you can make decisions on the spot.

Works on or offline

If you're in a location with no Internet connection it's ok. You can view your expiration data and make changes to it. Once connectivity is available again, the app will sync the data with the web application.

Attach pictures

Have a certificate, contract, license or any other document on hand? Simple, just take a picture from within the app and autoamtically attach it the expiration. Keep the information up to date.

One click reports

The mobile app dashboard is clickable in every way. Want to see what's expired? Just click on the expired box in the dashboard. Looking for expirations with a specific category? Just click on the category. All the data at your fingertips.

Permission driven

Users are only allowed to see what they can see in the web application. The same permissions apply on the mobile app so they can only work with their own data.

Be part of over 10,000 people

Immediate access. No credit card required.