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What is a Job Description

The process of creating a job description involves gathering and recording job-related information. Learn the definition and description of what is a job description.

The process of creating a job description involves gathering and recording job-related information. This could include job title, working conditions, job duties, reporting information, job summary and job location. Additionally, some job description outlines the machines, tools and other equipment used to carry out duties. The risks and hazards associated with carrying those duties are typically highlighted as well.

What is Job Description?

In essence, a job description summarizes findings of job analyses, which assists managers in determining the duties of employees.

The job description in some organizations is quite structured, with automated systems and detailed processes to ensure job descriptions are kept up to date. However, there are other organizations that have a less formal approach to job descriptions. In these organizations, employers do not put a lot of time or resources into the creation and maintenance of effective job descriptions.

Purpose of Job Descriptions

The level of details included in the job findings plays a huge role in determining the purpose of the job description. Typically, a job description that is used for general purpose has job identification (designation, title, location). It also features a statement of the functions and duties of existing and prospective workers. A job description created for a specific duty typically includes detailed information regarding the type of job. It also outlines the way in which duties should be carried out and what is expected of the employee.

Importance of Job Descriptions

Whether general or specific, the main purpose of a job description should be to ensure the right people are hired to fill positions in the organization. These documents play a vital role in achieving this goal.

The majority of individuals intend to do their jobs well. When an employee is performing poorly, it is often because the job is not right for him or her. A detailed job description could prevent this from happening. Essentially, a well-crafted job description is a great starting point to finding the right employee.

Writing effective and concise job descriptions is a fundamental element in getting your organization to stand out among competitors. This will enable you to attract the very best candidates for the different roles in the organization.

An effectively-developed and well-crafted job description is a communication tool. It allows employees and candidates alike to be fully aware of what is expected when performing the role. It also outlines the competences and the essential duties and responsibilities associated with the role. The required experience and educational credentials are also highlighted.

Highlighting Organizational Goals and Values

Job descriptions can be used to highlight organizational goals and values. This will assist in ensuring behavioral accountability and commitment to the vision and mission of the organization. They should outline behaviors that are vital to the development of your organization. These could include:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Direct communication
  • Accountability
  • Capacity for self-development and the development of others
  • Ability to foster group alignments

The inclusion of these behaviors will help you to get the right type of employees. In addition, it will assist candidates in understanding the culture of the organization.

Over time, the roles of employees are likely to change; job descriptions must be adjusted to reflect those changes. There are a lot of positions that evolve with factors like technological advancements. Processes and systems also evolve. Job descriptions must be updated as the changes happen to ensure they are correctly classified.

A well-crafted job description is an evolving or living tool. As such, it must reflect the current and well-documented requirements of each position. This will play a pivotal role in ensuring the continued growth of the organization.

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