Expiration reporting

Powerful and effective reporting
Understand what needs resources and attention. Look into what's about to expire this year or in the coming month. Plan ahead what needs to be done to renew the upcoming items. Have a total overview of your compliance level, what employees have expired licenses or what contracts need to be looked into? Our reporting will show it all.

Free, easy to set up, no credit card required

Visual friendly dashboard

The dashboard will quickly give you a sense on how you're doing by display what's current, expired and about to expire. The forecast section will also display what's about to expire in the coming months. Now you can really plan ahead.

Export reports to a spreasheet

All reports and seaches built can be exported to a spreadsheet with a single click allowing to take the data and do further digging into the data. There's no limit on how to slice and dice the information.

Powerful search builder

Visually build searches and the turn them into reports. You can virtually combine filters for every field available in Expiration Reminder so the combinations are limitless.

Save reports

Once you've built the search or report now it's to save it. This way you don't have to build it every time to search for the same information. With one click you'll be able to go back to same report.

One click reporting

Everything in the dashboard is clickable. Want to see everything that's expired? Just click on the expired dashboard box. Want to see everything about to expire in October? Just click on the October month to see it.

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