Eliminate manual entry with document scanning

OCR documents using powerful AI technology
Scan PDF, JPG and TIFF files and Expiration Reminder automatically reads the information and populates the data. Predefined templates includes Acord 25 forms for Certificates of Insurance (COI).

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Artificial intelligence

Our scanning engine is powered by Artificial Intelligence instead of the regular OCR technology. With AI, we actually read the form and look for the information based on a degree of confidence. This allows reading the inform even when it might not be readable or it might be scanned in an angle.

Automatic scanning

When documents are submitted in Expiration Reminder by other users, the system will automatically scan them and validate them againt compliance requirements and trigger alerts with they aren't compliant.

Bulk scanning

Send multiple files in PDF, JPG and TIFF and Expiration Reminder will scan them and read the data in them.

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