Permissions and roles

Control who sees what in your Expiration Reminder account
Control what your colleague and staff users are able to see and do in Expiration Reminder by using permission roles and teams. From allowing users to work on assigned expirations to visual and edit data which they're configured to receive notifications. You're control of the data and protect it as needed.

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Permission roles

With permission roles, account admins have full access to all the information in their Expiration Reminder account. With the pre-configured roles, you can configure what users can see depending if they're assigned to a specific item or if they can only read the information.

Team visibility

Using the teams feature you can control visibility of information for a group of users inside your company. It can be a department, a branch or just a project team, with teams, they'll only have visibility to data within that workspace.

Mobile app roles

Permissions are also taken into account for the Expiration Reminder mobile apps. Users are only able to see information if they assigned to it or if they receive reminders. This way they can keep their own data up to date.

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