Every feature is customizable
Each company has a different scenario on how to track expiration dates. If they're employee certifications, each company has a differen set. If they're contracts, each company has a different contract. No matter how different your process is, Expiration Reminder can automate it and provide a better experience.

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Custom fields

Each company is different and so is the information that needs to be tracked. In Expiration Reminder, you can add as many custom fields as needed to keep track of information. Make Expiration Reminder adapt to your business.

Your own email content

Reminders and email notifications can be customized to have your own wording. The from address, subject and actual body of the notifications can be changed including dynamic values like custom fields. It's like the emails are coming from you.

Tag expiration items

Tags can be created with your own name and color so they can be applied to expirations and are available at the time of search and reports.

Have your own categories

Categories are the document types tracked in Expiration Reminder. You can add as many as needed and they'll have your own naming convention. This means you can track almost anything that has an expiration date.

Grouping expirations

Need to group expirations by location, vendor, customer, branch or anything in particular? You can do so in Expiration Reminder by customizing the grouping feature and change it to have your own label. It's your own way of grouping.

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