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10 Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty

10 ways to increase employee loyalty and decrease turnover costs as well as boost productivity, efficiency, and provide a stable work atmosphere for everyone.

I have my personal thoughts on faithfulness especially when it comes to employee loyalty. It should not be expected in my opinion, but rather the company and its managers must both work hard to earn it. It’s understandable that replacing employees will always have a cost high and there’re many other factors that need to be taken into account such as loss of productivity while new employees are training, etc. However, fostering employee loyalty is necessary for the enduring success of a business. It decreases turnover costs as well as boosts productivity, efficiency, and provides a stable work atmosphere for everyone. On the other hand, every business gets an opportunity to engage their employees here and there and increase the staff loyalty thereby. Despite this fact, sometimes increasing your employees’ loyalty towards your company can be tricky so make sure you follow these 10 ways and ideas to motivate them.

Quantify Your Employee’s Loyalty

For everything to get counted there has to be a starting point. You should always be working to improve staff loyalty, and the best and simplest way is to have a survey about job satisfaction, management quality, and employee engagement. Being their boss you may also ask them the possibility of the recommendation of your organisation and will they hunt for another job in coming months? You may also find various software that can be used for these types of surveys. Some of the questions will be similar to:

I will recommend this company as an awesome workplace.

  • Agree
  • Strongly agree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree
  • Neither agree nor disagree

Try to Gather Compliments

From feedbacks, concerns to compliments, everything is crucial when it comes to your staff loyalty. Hence, make it a point to gather complaints from your employees as well as customers but also ensure to collect compliments from them and flaunt them somewhere where everyone can see those, incorporate them into newsletters and inform those who are being honoured. Always bear in mind that receiving even a single compliment can boost the morale of your employee.

Assist Employees to Have a Bigger Picture

Mostly employees feel that they are actually spending their time and energy on your business. They meaningfully contribute to the company in achieving its aims and goals. Therefore, you must try to share your company’s vision with your employees, and this can be done through individual and team meetings. In the case of managers, they must always try to make use of individual meetings because it will help to show the employees how their role contributes to the team’s and company’s success.

Make Sure Employees Are Trained Up-To-Date

Any company cannot run successfully if it doesn’t recruit trained staff. Therefore, training plays a major role and is a huge contributor when we talk about employee job satisfaction.  So you must make certain that your employees are trained with up-to-date procedures, and they have essential skills as well as the knowledge required to perform their jobs as per their ability. On the other hand, HR managers and professionals should ensure that employees are completely aware of the training prospects within their company or organisation. Frustration is a bad omen for a company. The most common frustration amongst employees is adequate training to get their job done.  Don’t constantly throw your employees into uncomfortable situations and do not expect them to reach goals with outdated or broken equipment, this can create problems leading to loss of employee loyalty.

Get Started With a Mentoring Program

Any kind of mentoring program will always help you to upgrade your employees as per your company’s aims and goals. Such programs are great because they facilitate your employee’s career as well as personal advancement. On the other hand, these also ensure that knowledge is gained and shared only by more experienced people. By doing this nothing is lost and new knowledge is in fact shared, even if they decide to quit their job and leave the company. You must always hire experienced employees and mentors, but at the same time make sure that you provide them with the right training so that they’re able to mentor the less experienced staff.

Believe In Promoting Team Work

Teams that are strong and loyal will always lend a hand in improving staff retention because they usually encourage bonds amongst the team members. Hence, team building will give you fruitful results especially in promoting trust, collaboration, and acceptance. These are the useful tools, but you can find more such useful tricks with a simple Google search.

Always Be Truthful

Employees are the part of your company, but they’re also a part of your success. They should be respected and moreover, they want to get respected. So the best way to respect your employees is to be truthful to them. Even if the news is not good, tell them the truth and let them know that their employer is always truthful to them. Actually, this gives an impression and persuades employees to be honest and loyal towards the company.  Whether quarterly or every six months, you should hold a meeting to communicate with the staff and understand how things are working, what challenges are being faced, and how you should tackle those issues. Your employees will be motivated and become more indulgent in the company’s daily matters. You never know, they might come up with great solutions to your company’s concerns.

Retrain or remove incompetent managers

Often we see that people leave the company, but they actually quit their job because of their manager. The problem is managers who do not have proper training in terms of managing their people in an organisation. It’s indeed very important that managers possess necessary skills and aptitude to administer people. However, if they still perform in the same old way, then it’s better to consider alternate options. Getting their strength back is just a waste of time and won’t work, so go for another choice.

Recognition of Employee Contributions

Acknowledgement of an employee or team helps to support the company’s values and goals. Recognition of employee contributions by managers, peers or senior leaders makes a big difference to their morale, engagement, and motivation. Appreciation of an employee is a basic human need and employees always respond to it when expressed about their good efforts because this confirms their value in the company. When their work is valued, they are satisfied, and this raises their productivity, and they’re motivated to improve or maintain their good job. Make sure to have a recognition program in your work place; it can also be an informal one too. Such programs help managers to create a scheme to improve the performance of employees, employ them, and make use of the available budget in the best way.

Provide Good Employee Benefits

If you have some great employees working for you, learn some of the methods for keeping them away from jumping ships. Offering benefits packages can build greater loyalty in your workers.

Many business owners wrongly believe that they can’t afford to offer such benefits. Going without any benefit may boost the company in the short run; however, having a penny-wise viewpoint could stifle your business's probability for long-term success. Check out some great benefits you can offer to your employees:

  1. Compensation time
  2. Child & Elder care
  3. Family benefits
  4. Health insurance
  5. Flex time
  6. Job resources
  7. Phased retirement
  8. Life & disability insurance

You can offer them some great benefits to ensure their loyalty. Providing benefits to your employees will also improve you and your company’s reputation as a considerate organisation towards its employees. Consequently, employees will feel less replaceable and more wanted.

Every Bit Counts

When employees build loyalty, they start to empathize with their company and/or management.  They make the priorities of the company their own, and sometimes they even place the business’ needs above their own.  As a result, you’ll have better results, greater  employee satisfaction, as well as better relations with your workforce.  Although building loyalty sometimes is a complicated job—it’s intangible. I have suggested some tips to increase loyalty in your employees; however, you don’t need to put into practice all the above at once.  Rather start off small and then work up from there.  We all know that loyalty grows cumulatively—workers slowly respond to the changes in behavior, management approach, and company routine.  Hence every bit, every action, every development, every suitable reaction to a dispute adds up.  Actually, it’s very important to consider where you are at, your goals and plans to achieve those; however, it’s also essential to act upon them. Work up to good behaviours and move ahead from there. Convincingly, trust or loyalty coming from employees is a basic building block of any organisation or a company. So you need to work on it!

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