Expiration Reminder Demo & Overview

Tracking employee certifications

Tracking Employee Certifications
Hosted by Jose Leon
In this 30-minute overview and product demo, Jose Leon will show you how you can track employee certifications, licenses and training and how to set up automatic notifications. ​ You’ll learn why hundreds of companies are using Expiration Reminder to send automatic notifications to employees when credentials are becoming due and make sure their company is compliant with regulations and avoid penalties and fines.
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Why You Should Join Our Demo

You'll learn how to add new employees to an account, add their credentials, and have the application automatically schedule notifications when they are due. You'll learn how to send onboarding requests and find out quickly what credentials are about to expire and who isn't compliant. You'll also learn:

  • How to check what employees are compliant and non-compliant, who can do the job and who cannot.
  • How to allow employees to update credentials by themselves, allowing you to act as a supervisor and automate 95% of the process you do manually today.
  • Keep yourself in the loop when employees reply to emails and text messages, not missing a single reply.
  • How to add users to your account so others can see the data and interact with the system to make compliance decisions.

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