Optimize Your Lease Tracking and Management

Elevate your lease renewal process with automated reminders and detailed tracking. Secure your assets and streamline negotiations with precision and ease.

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Become more efficcient

Automate the process of tracking lease renewals

Reduce the amount of time spent manually tracking lease renewals.

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It has been really easy for us to keep track of our licenses expiration dates.
Malec J
Automatic reminders

Send automatic reminders to leaseholders

Emails and text messages are sent automatically when a least comes up for renewal. You don't have to do anything, we'll take care of it.

Organized Record Keeping

Centralized lease data

All lease data is centralized in one place, making it easier to access and manage. Have a look at all your leases and which ones are coming due and where.

Property view

Visualize leases by property

Group leases by property so you can do reporting by property and see the situation. Track extra information like permits and licenses.

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Automatic expiration date tracking

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Real-time tracking
See what documents are about to expire or are at expired at any point in time.
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Intuitive dashboard
Anyone can use our easy-to-understand dashboard. No training required.
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Automatic notifications
Hands-off notifications. Configure your own frequency.
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Multiple views
View what's expiring in the next 15 days, 30 days, next month, next year.
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Plans for every size
Find a plan that suit your needs and your company.
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Chat Support
Get real person experts on chat to help with any questions.
Reduced Risk

Compliance in one place

By providing automatic reminders, the software minimizes the risk of lapsed leases or inadvertent lease violations due to oversight.

Expiration Reminder certificate of insurance upload
Document images and PDF

Upload document copies

Upload attachments to employee certifications like PDF or image files of the actual license. Don't go looking for those on shared drives or email attachments. Everything is in one place.

Location management

Group data by company, location or branch

Separate data by company, location or branches and see reports by location onhow document expiration dates are doing.

Expiration Reminder mobile app for vendors
iPhone and ANDROID APP

Your data on the go

Take your data anywhere with the Expiration Reminder mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows 10. Allow employees to update their certifications and take pictures.


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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?
Yes, we do have a 14-day trial, no credit card required. Click on the following link to start your trial.
Is my data secured?
Expiration Reminder applies the latest security practices encrypting your data at rest, during transmission and even to backups.
How do you take payments?
We accept all the major credit card. We also accept PO and wire transfers on our Enterprise plan.
Does Expiration Reminder read my data?
Absolutely not. We don't read or harvest your data. The data is always yours.
What's your refund and cancellation policy?
All of our plans are month-to-month with no long term contracts. Nothing to sign.
Can I import my current spreadsheet?
Yes, Expiration Reminder allows importing data from a spreadsheet or a CSV file.
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