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Billing Specialist

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The billing specialist works mainly on handling payments from customer and verify that they're received in a timely manner. It deals with all the required paperwork like invoices and receipts and makes sure the information regarding payment is properly distributed to other team members in the company. Several skill are required to carry out this job.

Financial understanding

The billing specialist will be dealing with creating invoices and receipts and following up with the customer for payments. It needs to understand the proper elements of an invoice like due dates, terms and taxes in case customers have questions or need more clarification.

Social skills

Because one of the duties of this position is to follow up with the customer, having social and relationship skills is important. The objective of this position is to make sure revenue keeps coming in for the company so contacting clients is important.

Computer capabilities

Updating records in a software database is needed skill as the person in this position will be dealing with creating and managing invoices. Updating which ones are still pending and which ones are paid is fundamental so the proper reporting information can be act upon.