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Expiration Reminder is a complete solution

XpiRem is great if all you need is a basic tool to schedule a personal reminder for your documents, but Expiration Reminder is a true document management software created with the business in mind. We are dedicated to making the best document expiration date management software for small, medium and enterprise businesses or anyone else who highly values time and compliance is vital for the company.

With Expiration Reminder you can have a single dashboard to see how all your expiration dates are doing company wide and where resources need to be focused. Reminders are sent automatically according to your own schedule and replies are received and managed by the system so no jumping around between email clients. Copies of the files are stored in Expiration Reminder with no limits on storage.

Unlike XpiRem, Expiration Reminder includes a feature to add notes to contacts and documents with no limits having a complete history of what happened to a document. You also don't to export the data out so you can build reports as with Expiration Reminder a fully feature report builder is available. You can build any type of report with your own combination of columns and grouping and you even schedule them to sent to right stakeholders on a recurring basis.

Our reports give you deeper insight

XpiRem doesn't offer much when it comes to reporting and metrics. With Expiration Reminder you get your own report builder to surface the data that's really needed. Choose the fields you'd like to see, including custom fields, and group them as needed. A number of calculated fields are also included out of the box.

After creating your reports, schedule them to be sent automatically on specific days of the week and to right people within the company. Create reports for branches, locations, supervisors, projects, etc.

Take information on the go with our mobile apps

XpiRem doesn't have any mobile apps which means you have to be connected all the time to your computer. In Expiration Reminder you have iPhone, Android and Windows 10 apps available which you can use to take your information on the go. You can also update the expiration dates, take pictures of the actual document from the phone and upload it automatically to your account.

There's no extra charges for using the mobile apps, it's included in all plans.

Free migration

Yes, that's right. We'll help you import all your XpiRem data into Expiration Reminder at no extra charge. Just contact our support team for more information.

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Comparison with Expiration Reminder

Expiration Reminder has an array of features that are suited for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Most of the features are included on all of our plans.


What our users are saying

It provides easy operation and is very easy to use thanks to its friendly interface, allowing you to use it without extensive knowledge.
customer picture 1
Leah B.
Sales Representative
Timely business license renewals and expirations.
I like the fact that it is easy to use and the reminders I get. I was doing all the license renewals by memory. It takes a lot of my plate.
customer picture 3
Mendy R.
Staff Accountant
Excellent, big help to our organization.
We don't miss important license renewals and all the information is now kept in one central location for all users to use.
customer picture 2
Melody C.
Office Manager
Reduced the workload that I previously had.
Accurate record keeping able to track expiration dates more effectively; this would be too time consuming being done by hand.
customer picture 6
Cynthia K.
Use this if you need to manage the expiration of pretty much anything
Improved renewal process associated to our customs subscription renewals. This is the right tool for the job.
customer picture 4
Ben S.
Managing Director
Effective and simple to use application.
Since I started using this software for our 1,000 employees, it has been really easy for us to keep track of our licenses expiration.
customer picture 5
Malec J.
Regional Director
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