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Driving school website elements

Every website should have at least 10 key elements. Keep in mind, a driving school homepage is one of the most important pages on a website.

Every website should have at least 10 key elements. Keep in mind, a driving school homepage is one of the most important pages on a website. The homepage of any website is that one that gets most of the traffic. That is why it is important to transfer most of the traffic areas where students and others can click on for more information.

#1 Headline: the Most Important Part of a Driving Website

In a very short time, a website needs to answer, "What does this website offer?" It is important to keep your headline clear and simple. Online users want a clear and attractive headline; one that will tell them exactly where they are at and what they need to do.

#2 Sub-headline: Sub-headlines should explain what the Website will do

A sub-headline is needed and should give a brief explanation of what the school website will offer for those who click on the site. Language should be clear and concise. Show the value of the website and how the website can help those who clicked on to it.

#3 Benefits---What Benefits will an online user get from this Website?

Here you need to describe what are the benefits of assisting to a driving school are and what are the benefits you offer against your competition. For example, some insurance companies offer a discount to anyone who has taken an official driving course and in some cases they recognize this as a three year experience equivalence. You should feature this kind of information on your website.

#4 Primary Calls to Action

This area should provide various ways a person can act. You should offer several ways an online user can take action on the website. A primary call to action for your school can be a way to contact you directly. This can be by prominently showing your phone number but you can also display a Contact Us button that drives the user to a page where they fill out a form for more information.

Having both can be essential. Maybe a student wants to contact you but he doesn’t have a phone or a calling plan to call you at this moment.

Other examples of call to action might include a Book Now button, where you can reserve a spot on your queue at this instant.

#5 Features

Besides providing benefits, certain features should be presented such as the services or products that the website can give to students. Lessons on driving, books or other materials, certificates of completion and other offerings should be displayed.

#6 Customer Proof

Every website should provide proof of why their website is so valuable. Quotes can be given from former students; as well as names and photos of those who did well in the class.

#7 Success Indicators

Here awards and recognitions should be shown. It can be related to any local recognition from a small business chamber but can also be something unique about your school that can make students succeed. For example this can be the pass rate for your school. If it’s really high you can advertise this on your website.

#8 Navigation is Highly Important!

Those who visit your website need a clear path into your site from the homepage. This is where navigation is so important. Navigation must be visible at the top of the page. Always keep it simple and clear.

#9 Supporting Image

Everyone is visual and likes images that clearly show what is offered to online users. Photos work well but short videos are even more appealing for most of us. Your image should clearly show what you are offering and should leave little to the imagination.

#10 Content Offerings

Everyone likes a content offerings. They generate leads from your homepage. Examples of such offerings are a guide, an ebook or whitepaper. They are also motivating factors that add value and strength to your website.

To conclude, a website should have the aforementioned 10 essential elements. By keeping your elements clear, attractive and informative, you will draw many people and business to your website.

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