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How to start a driving school business

The need for driving is increasing every day that goes by. Our growing population means that new kids are getting age ready to be able to drive, and someone needs to be there to help them along the way. Learn How to start a driving school business.

The need for driving is increasing every day that goes by. Our growing population means that new kids are getting age ready to be able to drive and someone needs to be there to help them during the way. Another factor to take into account is that our society is build around roads and highways. If we want to get from one place to another, we'll be better by having a car of our than taking public transportation in some cases.

Also, in some states and provinces, drivers will get a discount from their insurance if they're able to demonstrate via a certificate that they've taken driving lessons from an official driving school. Even more, if the learner driving is under the age of 18, some of these states will require the user to go through a driving school program.

These and more other reasons are why starting a driving school business can be very lucrarive. Below you can find the a guide on what to take into account for opening a driving school.

Franchise or go on your own

There are multiple franchises available out there that allows you to start without having you to figure out things on your own. They will give you all the needed materials and processes but most of the times they charge a large fee. So shop around and ask before going in.

DMV certification and instructors

Contact your local to verify what are the local requirements to become a driving instructor. Every state have different laws so you should get familiar with them. If you're going to be an instructor, then most probably you'll need to pass an exam. With this also, you'll make sure the driving instructors have the required licenses to operate in your new business.

Business incorporation

Consider incorporating your business to protect your personal assets. This might need you setup the driving school as a limited liability corporation instead of a sole proprietor company. For this, you'll need register your name and register the company in your local state or province. For this you can contact a representative from SCORE, a nonprofit small business education resource or just contact an accountant that can guide you.

Create a business plan

The business plan isn't completly necessary but will give you an idea of the costs and everything you need to run the driving school. In the plan you'll acount for startup costs, incorporation, location, equipment and promotion. You should contact your local state for regulations related to starting up a driving school so you've an idea of how much money is needed to operate. For example, some states require to have a specific type of insurance for the vehicle with specific limits on property damage, bodily injury and death of a person.

Get a license from the DMV

This is the license that will allow to operate as an instructor in the school. Keep in mind that will also need this license even if you'll be hiring other instructors. The costs of the license can go up to $10,000.

Get a car or cars

Keep in mind to get the proper insurance for the vehicles and required signage for a student driver car. It is a good idea to install a secondary breake system and instructor perspective mirrors.

Write the lesson plan

Setup a practice area where there's minimal traffic and it's safe to students just starting out. You'll need to get certified DMV teaching materials that will serve as a guide to your students.

Promote your driving school

Get your business card and brochures ready to start promoting your business. Consider print, radio and Internet advertising. You can also try advertising in local schools and universities to get young students to know of your driving school.

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