Separate data with Teams



Very frequently you need to track expiration dates for different documents in the business that aren't related to one another. For example, tracking expiration dates for employee certifications is very different to tracking expirations for software licenses. The categories, contacts, locations and email templates are all different between the two and we don't want to mix the two in the same place.

For this cases we created the Teams feature. Teams allows you to separate information in areas in the application so they don't come all together.

What information can be separated?

Information that can be separated includes:

  • Expirations
  • Categories
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Email Templates

Examples of Teams

Some examples for teams include different departments within the organization. For example, you can have teams for:

  • HR
  • IT
  • Legal

You can also have teams different aspects within your own area of work. For example:

  • Internal expirations for employees
  • External expirations for customers

The way you can customize teams is up to you.


Teams are directly intetegrated to the permissioning system. Admins are the only ones allowed to swich from one team to the other.

We've also introduced a new permission level: Team Admin. The team admin can manage everything inside their own team but can't switch or see data from other teams.

All Teams

Admins also have the option to see data from all teams together by select All Teams from the teams menu.