Track Expiration Dates With Trello

Expiration dates are everywhere. Either with contracts, licenses, software maintenance, employee certifications, warranties, permits and more and more. All businesses have documents that will expire at some and this need to track and followed up upon so they properly renewed. And even inside any business, different departments will have their own set of documents that need to be tracked for expiration dates.

These different departments and businesses are always generating new documents that will expire because the company is moving. Either is with new software maintenance contracts or hiring a new employee whose certifications need to be tracked for expiration dates or the sale of new product that warranties need to be tracked so the sales department can go and call customers for renewals.

As a person maintaining these documents and creating them, keeping them on hand and looking into if they are expired or not and just easily creating them will save you a lot of time. This is where our Trello integration comes in.

Track expiration dates with Trello and Expiration Reminder

What is it and why do I need it?

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes projects and tasks into boards. In a single view, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what and where something is in a process. It also serves as a tool to organize information like for example where a contract is on a pipeline or to what department belongs to. Also organize where employees are in the organization structure.

Because of this organizational capability, Expiration Reminder will bring visibility in Trello about specific expiration dates attached to this Trello cards. If a contract for a software maintenance is complete, you can create an expiration item for it to track the date and attach it automatically to the card giving you visibility about it.

If you’re using Trello to track employee hiring, you can attach the employee certification expiration dates to the Trello cards so you always have visibility of them in one view.

Expiration Reminder will also automatically create Trello cards for you when an expiration item is about to expire so you keep track of those tasks right from Trello.

How does it work?

Let’s say that your department is in charge of acquiring and managing software licenses for the company. You also need to track the expiration date for the maintenance contracts for these licenses that can grow in number really fast.

In Trello, you can have the process of acquiring the contracts to track the progress really easy but you can also have the expiration date for the maintenance side of things right in the card and linked to the expiration item.

From Expiration Reminder, you can also configure the expiration items tracking the contract dates to automatically create a card in Trello when they’re about to expire so you can have visibility in Trello of what needs to be worked on or simply delegate it to a colleague to execute.

With these features there’s no more copy and pasting between systems and create expiration items manually in Expiration Reminder or creating Trello card to track and follow up for renewals. Not bad, eh?

This is good. How do I get?

You’ll need to have an Expiration Reminder account and a free Trello account. Simply connect Expiration Reminder to Trello and install the Expiration Reminder Power-Up in Trello and you’re ready to go.

In Trello:

  1. Select “Power-Ups” from the board menu
  2. Click on “Enable” next to the Pipedrive Power-Up to activate it (You have to be an admin of your board to enable Power-Ups)

In Expiration Reminder:

  1. Click on the top menu on Your Account and then on Integrations
  2. Look for Trello in the list and click on the green Connect button

You can read a more detailed instruction around the Expiration Reminder Power-Up installing here and the Expiration Reminder and Trello integration here.

You can also watch this great video that will guide you trough the setup process:


As always, our support team is available to assist you with any questions.