Escalation rules



In some cases you might need to notify special people about an expiration that hasn't been renewed and is very closed to expire or an expiration that has expired for several days. This special people can be anyone but they usually are members of management that are brought in the loop and things needs to be escalated.

For this cases we created the Escalation rules feature. Escalation rules allows you to setup when and to whom the notifications need to be sent. You can also configure under what specific conditions teh escalation needs to run.

Who can be notified?

Anyone that is a contact can be notified. You can have multiple people configured to be notified in a single escalation rule.

The notifications can be set up to be sent by specifying a number of days or months before expiration or after expiration.


You can setup an escalation rule to be sent if a specific set of conditions are met. These conditions are added using the same filtering mechanism used for expiration items. Some example of conditions can be:

  • Apply the escalation to a specific category
  • Apply the escalation to expiration items that have a location
  • Apply the escalation if it has a custom field with a value

You can also combine conditions with other conditions if necessary.