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Tax Manager

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The tax manager will work either on a tax practice business or inside a company handling the different aspects of taxes within different countries. The person in this position will look after the customer to make sure taxes are filed according to rules and can also reduce payments as possible. The same for the tax manager in a company. Several skill are required to carry out this job.

Tax knowledge

The tax manager needs to be knowledgeable of the tax rules for the country he or she is working on. Inside a global company, the tax manager might be involve in handling tax situations between different countries and must aware of what those rules are and how to save the company money while at the same time meeting the regulations.

Attention to detail

The person in this position needs to be very aware of the details as mistakes in this area can cost the customer or company heavy penalties. Being aware of the regulations and what applies or not is important and how credits can be combined is also a must.

Technical capabilities

Another part of this position is dealing with software that will help the tax manager calculate taxes depending on different scenarios. These software gets updated frequently and new versions are also released to handle another scenario or a different country. The person must be ready to learn on a constant basis how the new software works.