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Senior Accountant

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The senior accountant role is in charge of making sure transactions are reconciled and that the proper accounting reports are balanced. The person in this position also keeps the accounting software for the company up to date as this is the master repository for determining the financial health of an organization. Several skills are required to carry out this job.

Accounting understanding

The person in this position will be in charge or reconciling transactions and make sure the accounts are balanced. Will also be working with the general ledger and make sure the numbers are correct. Understanding of how accounting works is a must for this position.

Rules awareness

The senior account must be also aware of tax regulations that will dictate what operations in the accounting practice are allowed to be done or not. Not being aware can carry penalties to the company.

Technical capabilities

Because must of the accounting handling is automated now days, the senior accountant will probably spent the majority of his or her day just inputting and updating information in the accounting software for the company. This person will also be generating reports from the software to make sure all the numbers match.