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Executive Secretary

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The executive secretary is a pivotal person in any company. The person is in charge of doing the administrative and coordination work of a small business or a department within a bigger company. Because of the different skills involve the executive secretary must have multiple skills.

Technological knowledge

Because of the different tasks multiple things going on at the same time, having good technical knowledge will help the secretary in automating various part of it. Either using Excel sheets, predefined Word templates or just using cloud applications to delegate tasks, this skill is definitely handy.


Having a list of the tasks to be done during the day and the week is essential to handle the job at hand. Organizational skills are needed so deadlines don't get by and when delegation is needed, this option is executed.

Interpersonal relationships

Dealing with other people will be part of the day to day work of the executive secretary. Either coordinating tasks for the boss or dealing with internal employees or outside vendors, the person doing this job will need to be in constant communication with other human beings to be able to do their work.