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Billing Coordinator

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The billing coordinator is the person handling billing issues and work related to a specific set of clients. Usually, in large companies, big customers have dedicated billing coordinators that handles all invoices and bills for that customer. In smaller ones, he or she can be in charge of multiple important clients. This person should have multiple skills on their hands to handle the job.

Great attention to detail

As the person deals with money and transactions for customers, it'll need to have attention to details to pin point and find issues regarding bills. Also, when working with big customers, the invoices and bills can have multiple pages and multiple items for which they're billed. The coordinator makes sure everything is in order.

Customer relationship

This is a customer facing position, and usually an important one as the person is dealing with important customers. Having good social skills will help the person to better interact with clients and deal with complaints regarding invoicing or charges.

Improvement capabilities

As the focus of this job is to fix issues regarding billing or invoices for customer, the billing coordinator should have the capability to spot patterns regarding an issue to propose a solution so it doesn't happen again in the future. This includes proposing changes to internal processes and technologies to stakeholders.