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Billing Clerk

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The billing clerk takes care that revenue in the business keeps comming in. The person is in charge for making sure invoices go out at the proper time and that customers pay on the specific time frame and is also in charge of following up. Because it deals with different kind of information, it must have very specific skills.

Technical skills

This position will be dealing a lot with invoices and following up on dates so it'll need to work closely with computer programs to be able to generate the invoices and search for customers and update payment information.

Financial capabilities

As payments are part of job duties for this position and also invoicing, a person that have financial knowledge will help a lot. Calculating fees, overage invoice amounts, taxes, etc. will be part of the day to day work so having a financial background is a requisite.

Document handling and organization

This position deals with multiple customers and the business so the ability to handle documents and organize them in a proper way is essential. Invoicing, receipts and billing takes a number of paper work handling so have this skill will greatly help.